Wednesday 29 January 2020

In the category of e paper magazine you will find the online version of English and Urdu Magazines which are being published in Pakistan and other countries of the world. The category includes the online versions of the following magazines.

  • Akhbar e jahan
  • Family
  • Aanchal
  •  Mag the weekly

These are all the top listed magazines which are being published in Pakistan on weekly basis. The online format that you get in this category of magazine e paper is the exact copy of the printed magazine. The only difference is that you can access the online version through your laptop, mobile or PC. Apart from it the online version of these magazines provides you the same features or the context as it has in the printed version. In short we can say that the online version of magazine has the same recipe with same ingredients but in a different dish.

The magazines in this category includes the informative articles on the national as well as international affairs along with the latest updates related to economy, technology, sports and entertainment. The magazines has been carefully organized that it gets the attention from every type of reader. That’s one of the reason that the magazine has been spiced with different flares. It is definitely a piece of literature which has something for everyone and it has been done without being biased on the basis of gender and age.

The e paper or the online version of these magazine has been launched to benefit the readers who doesn’t have an easy access to the printed magazine. For example the overseas Pakistanis who are definitely not capable of getting the printed or the old schooled magazine can enjoy and read it on internet. All they need is an internet connection and a laptop or a computer.

Features of E paper Magazine
The online format of magazines has been greatly accepted and appreciated by the readers due to multiple reasons.

  • It has made access easy for the magazine lovers. They can enjoy their magazine on their computers and laptops.
  • The format of online version of magazine is user friendly. One can directly go to the portion with just a click. So for sure it provides a relief to the readers and reduces the laboring and time wastage on turning the pages.
  • It is definitely very economical as the online version of magazine is free of cost. So one can enjoy all of his/her favorite magazines without putting an extra load on the pocket.
  • It is definitely very much continent for the people jot get to it. As it safes the readers to do the extra laboring of getting to a stall and buying it. As a reader all you have to do is to find an internet connection and switch on your PC and you can get all of your favorite magazines on it.
These are few of the reasons and factors which have played an important role in the acceptance of the online version of magazines normally known as the e paper magazine.

List of Pakistani Magazines Publishing in Urdu and English

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